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Personal Fishing, a travel agency specializing in sport fishing tourism, was established by José Jorge (also known as “JJ”) in 2008. Located in Bauru, São Paulo, Personal Fishing has a unique history that guarantees a sensational experience for each and every one of our customers. JJ, a lover of sport fishing and an experienced angler of various species of freshwater and saltwater fish in the Barcelos region, was involved in the creation of a travel agency specializing sport fishing tourism called PERSONAL FISHING. This experience prompted JJ to branch out and begin his own company with a focus on customer service in 2008.

Barco Hotel PERSONAL FISHING I opened in 2009 and was so extraordinarily successful that the Barco Hotel PERSONAL FISHING II was commissioned in order to meet the demand of generating sensational experiences and an unforgettable angling adventure for each and every one of our customers.

PERSONAL FISHING II, was design to attend a high level of services, offering the best structure for our clients.

Unfortunately, in the final stages of construction, a fire destroyed the Barco Hotel PERSONAL FISHING II in 2013 and it was never finished.

Despite this major setback, JJ did not give up on his dream of providing access to high quality sport fishing tourism, and in 2014, decided to build the PERSONAL FISHING LODGE. In October 2019, the PERSONAL FISHING LODGE opened its new doors with the same old principles of superb customer service, providing satisfaction to each and every one of our unique customers.

Leo Madeira, native of Brazil, resident in Fort Mill South Carolina, representing Personal Fishing will accompany you and your group. From Miami to Manaus the Capital of Amazon, and will be the translator and guiding services. To form a group or any information about this adventure please contact Leo Madeira.

Cellphone: +1 (412) 848-5879