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At PERSONAL FISHING LODGE, we are conscious of providing personalized service to each of our customers with the provision of professional service. Our main lodge base has a structure and gastronomy of an upscale hotel and is located in front of the largest river archipelago in the world – the Mariuá Archipelago. This allows us a high performance round-trip operation where we use our boats to navigate in a radius of more than 100 km accessing countless excellent fishing spots(where the largest PEACOCK BASS OF WORLD have been caught). This allows you to have access to not only the Rio Negro river, but also the various tributaries (Cuiuni, Itu, Demini, Aracá, Caurés and Jufari) in the same fishery. For your safety, we have an exclusive radio system that provides our entire operation with direct communication with the base in the city of Barcelos. In addition to all this, we also offer as courtesy three nights in our outpost in the RIO ARACÁ river, located more than 200 km from our PERSONAL FISHING LODGE in Rio Negro. This outpost provides you with an exclusive sport fishing tour along the way up the Aracá river, and also at fishing spots on the Curuduri river( where you will go fishing on our BASS BOAT boats for 10 hours of fishing). After a full day of fishing, you will arrive at our 256m2 cabin, staffed by our team to ensure your stay is complete in both comfort and safety. Our outpost is located at the best fishing spot on the Aracá river, containing numerous lakes with access to the river and also to other lakes, where we can provide aluminum boats to access them. This seven-day package will provide the opportunity to fish four full days on the Aracá river, which is considered one of the best rivers for fishing the tucunaré açu in the world. With its exuberant natural beauty, black water, and gorgeous white sand beaches contrasting with the green of the beautiful Amazon rainforest – we promise that you will be provided with a sensational experience.

Let us help you make your fishing adventure dreams come true with us! This package is all inclusive. Here is what is included in the package at no additional cost:



Reception & Transfer

  • Charted flight to Barcelos from Manaus/AM.
  • Transfers in Manaus and Barcelos
  • Municipal tourism tax
  • Travel Insurance


With the most exclusive view of Manaus, the Tropical Executive Hotel is located on the main postcard of the city, Praia de Ponta Negra, one of the most privileged areas of Manaus. It is the only hotel in town overlooking the Rio Negro, so waking up to a gorgeous setting is the major difference and that makes it so unique. Tropical Executive offers the comfort you deserve. Here you can enjoy a beautiful infinity pool, sauna, accommodation with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi, as well as an exclusive space for a business center. There are 16 floors in total, 15 with 109 apartments with 03 categories Superior, Premium and Luxury. The top floor of the building is intended for events, meetings and conferences.

3 days and 2 nights at Tropical Executive Hotel in Manaus, AM, Brazil included.


All air-conditioned environments where you can enjoy all the comfort of our accommodation in triple suites with air conditioning and minibar. We have a massage room with a physiotherapist, for relaxing and therapeutic massages.
In the restaurant you will have a cozy atmosphere equipped with accommodation for up to 20 people, 65 inch 4K TV and sound system suitable for you to enjoy our high standard gastronomy, we also have a spacious wooden deck with barbecue area, swimming pool, showers, games and panoramic views of the Rio Negro.
We have a full bar where you can enjoy delicious hot and cold drinks with drinks from the best brands.

3 nights at PERSONAL FISHING LODGE in RIO NEGRO included.


Fishing package with:

High performance BASS BOAT from NITRO (USA). 17.5 feet with MERCURY 100 HP 4-stroke engine and 45-pound MINN KOTA electric motor with pedal control and two 115-amp batteries, large nursery, fuel tank, long distance MOTOROLA VHF RADIO, SONAR / GARMIN GPS, multiple compartments containing 4 life jackets, umbrella for shade, director chairs, cooler for drinks (ice, mineral water, beer and soda), complete kit for lunch on the river.

  • Fuel (90 liters of gasoline per day per boat).
  • 3 people maximum per boat.

ALUMINUM BOATS with plataform and SUZUKI 30 HP outboard motor, MINN KOTA 40 pound manual electric motor with 115 ampere battery, several compartments containing 4 life jackets, shade umbrella, director chairs, cooler for drinks (ice, water mineral, beer and soda), complete kit for lunch on the river.

  • Fuel (40 liters of gasoline per day per boat).
  • 3 people maximum per boat.

PERSONAL FISHING offers, free of charge, the necessary gear for capture the giants of the amazon during your fishing with us. We provide the following equipments per person:

  • 2 sets for PEACOCK BASS
  • 1 set for CAT FISH
  • Multiple Lures
  • Hooks and Sinkers


To provide the best performance and safety, before the effective start of the fishery a WORKSHOP is given, lasting approximately 1 hour, we will talk about assembling equipment, artificial baits, knots, throwing techniques etc.

We also use this chat to answer customers’ questions regarding sport fishing for various species of fish.

After this moment, during the fishing, the guide will carry out the instruction and monitoring of the techniques taught. This content is prepared by those who really are specialized in sport fishing.



The first outpost is in our private island, with a total size of thirty hectares. It is located in the middle section of the Aracá River, 200 km away from the PERSONAL FISHING LODGE in Rio Negro.

A large rustic wooden cabin that is screened and covered with thatched roof measuring 256m2 is available to each of our customers during your visit to our outpost. The cabin is complete with a kitchen, dining room (with large table), living room, bar, two large suites with single beds (sleeps up to six people in each suite), and two bathrooms. This outpost also provides:

2 nights at OUTPOST  in ARACA RIVER included.

Amazon Tour

PERSONAL FISHING offers an unique amazon experience to our clients

For you who wants to live all the enchants of Amazônia, we offer an complete tour for the best touristics spots in Manaus, this unique tour gives to you the opportunity to see one of the greatest natural beauties in the world, we offer a tour of places with a wide diversity of Amazonian fauna and flora.

Included in Amazon Tour:

  • Amazon Trail
  • Dive with Boto
  • Visit to the Indigenous Tribe
  • Rio Negro & Solimões Encounter
  • Lunch in a typical Amazonian Restaurant


Barcelos is the largest municipality in the State of Amazon and the biggest in Brazil. Holds the largest fluvial archipelago in the world named Mariuá which is the world biggest fish named Peacock Bass Açu in that specie, where the largest specimens were caught of the giant Amazon, this location holds successive world records for this magnificent fish.

In the waters of the Rio Negro and its tributaries we have a wide variety of sport fish such as:
Peacock Bass Acu,Peacock Bass Butterfly, Peacock Bass Popoca also Aruana, Jacunda, Saicanga, Traira, Corvina, Barbado, Cachara, Capapari, Pirarara, Piraiba Filhote, and Arapaima gigas, known to the natives as Pirarucu. The Arapaima Gigas (Pirarucu) is the largest scale fish of the great rivers of the Amazon. Using various sport fishing techniques as such as live bait, lures and fly rod.

Our guides are local natives specialized with in depth knowledge of our entire area of expertise, providing for you a unique fishing meeting all your needs and thus assisting you to realize the great dream of catching the long awaited trophy! For you to have an idea, down bellow are the photos of different species mentioned above.
Personal Fishing takes you where the fish is.


  • Rods Rental
  • Reels Rental
  • Artificial bait rental (With 5)
  • Hook rental (With 5)


  • Delivery on boat
  • Natural baits in LODGE
  • Charter Seaplane (8 people max.)

Values described on the booking platform.

Included in Package

  • Reception at Manaus and Barcelos Airports
  • Transfer from Manaus Airport to Hotel
  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport at Manaus
  • Chartered Flight to Barcelos
  • Transfer from Barcelos Airport to LODGE
  • Accommodation in PERSONAL FISHING LODGE
  • Accommodation in OUTPOST at RIO ARACÁ
  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Aluminum Platform Boat
  • Gasoline
  • Native Guide
  • Fishing Workshop
  • Fishing Gear
  • Internet Wi-Fi (LODGE and OUTPOST)
  • Amazon Tour
  • Taxes
  • Travel Insurance

Not included in Package

  • Flight from your city to Manaus, AM, Brazil.
  • Tours, meals, extra transfers and other personal expenses in Manaus, AM, Brazil.
  • Excess baggage
  • Tips are not included but are optional and appreciated.
  • Other expenses not mentioned here are not included.

OPERATION IN THE MONTHS: September, October, November, December, January, February and March.

Itinerary in Manaus/AM and Barcelos/AM

At the arrival in Manaus:

  • Arriving in Manaus, you will be welcomed by our team and a vehicle transfer (shared with everyone in the group) will be made from the airport to the hotel booked by PERSONAL FISHING.

Second day in Manaus:

  • Breakfast in hotel, soon after, the start of the Amazon Tour will take place with boarding the motorboat at the hotel pier. The itinerary starts at the Meeting of the Waters Rio Negro and Solimões, afterwards it will be Lunch at the typical Amazonian cuisine restaurant, then it will be the trail in the jungle, to observe the local fauna and flora, then interaction with the dolphins and lastly the visitation of the indigenous Tuyuka tribe and craft workshop.
  • Return to the pier of the Tropical Executive Hotel until 17:00.

First day of fishing:

  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport. (shared with everyone in the group)
  • Chartered flight from Manaus to Barcelos and transfer to the LODGE
  • After being accommodated in the suites, breakfast will be served and soon afterwards we will have a workshop on equipment and fishing techniques. Then you will be free to go fishing on the RIO NEGRO and its tributaries (CUIUNI, ITÚ, DEMINI and CAURÉS) with a return to our floating pier at 18:00.
  • The dinner will be served at 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Bar closes at 10pm.

Second day of fishing:

  • Fishing on the RIO NEGRO and its tributaries (CUIUNI, ITÚ, DEMINI and CAURÉS) with a return to our floating pier at 18:00.
  • The dinner will be served at 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Bar closes at 10pm.

Third day of fishing:

  • SPORT FISHING TOUR of approximately 200 km through RIO NEGRO to the OUTPOST on RIO ARACÁ
  • The dinner will be served at 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Bar closes at 10pm.

Fourth day of fishing:

  • Fishing in RIO ARACÁ in our OUTPOST area.
  • The dinner will be served at 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Bar closes at 10pm.

Fifth day of fishing:

  • SPORT FISHING TOUR of approximately 200 km through RIO ARACÁ to the LODGE on RIO NEGRO
  • The dinner will be served at 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Bar closes at 10pm.

Last day of package:

  • Breakfast will be served at 6 am and from 7 am the vehicle transfer from PERSONAL FISHING LODGE to Barcelos airport will be carried out.
  • Chartered flight to Manaus.
  • Transfer from Airport to Hotel.
  • Day in hotel booked by PERSONAL FISHING.
  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport.
  • End of package.
(*) All of our transfers are shared with the entire group on the same date. Therefore, in order to be entitled to them, the schedules and destinations set for all must be respected.


SINGLE 8 5 $ 5590,00 PER PERSON
DOUBLE 8 5 $ 3950,00 PER PERSON
TRIPLE 8 5 $ 2950,00 PER PERSON


Our reservation platform, was built to offer you a pleasant, practical and safe experience when purchasing your sport fishing package, to achieve this, we work with the best technology and payment processing companies to offer you a safe and reliable environment.


The fishing trip in ARACÁ River to the OUTPOST, as well as the return to the PERSONAL FISHING LODGE will take place according to the itinerary of the contracted package.
If the ARACÁ River is too low and does not offer navigation conditions to BASS BOAT reach the OUTPOST, the fish in this river may be canceled, and fishing will be carried out on the Rio Negro or other tributaries.

NOTICE: Description and values may be changed without further notice.