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PERSONAL FISHING LODGE is an upscale hotel in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. It located on the right bank of the Rio Negro river in the city of Barcelos-Amazonas(AM). PERSONAL FISHING LODGE offers the best sport fishing complex Barcelos-AM, and also includes a restaurant, full marina, pier, and impeccable hospitality targeted to each of our customers. Enjoy the comfort, safety, and location of a hotel strategically located near some of the most idyllic fishing spots the Rio Negro and its tributaries have to offer. PERSONAL FISHING LODGE is located on the edge of the city, right in front of the Mariuá Archipelago, which is the largest archipelago in the world. We provide you comfort, quality, and safety during your stay combined with a high standard customer service within the Amazon rainforest. Let us help you share your passion for sport fishing with your whole family. Join us for the opportunity of a lifetime and stay at our beautiful development!

Everything planned to your convenience, confort and security.

In LODGE, we offer:

  • Reception;
  • Massage Room;
  • Living Room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Restaurant;
  • Bar;
  • Barbecue area with wooden deck with panoramic views of the Rio Negro;
  • Pool;
  • Rest area;
  • Room with 65″ 4k TV and sound system JBL
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet;
  • Laundry
  • Marina with BOAT LIFT system;
  • Repair shop
  • Tower with 60 meters height and exclusive VHF radio system for long distance communication (highest private tower in the city);
  • 750 m² concrete patio;
  • 60 meter concrete ramp to access the Negro River;


  • PERSONAL FISHING LODGE is located in the city of Barcelos- AM less than 1 km from the municipal airport.
  • We are located in front of the largest river archipelago in the world, the Mariuá Archipelago, with more than 1600 islands, lakes and streams. Near the tributaries: Rio Cuiuni, Rio Aracá, Rio Demini, Rio Caures, Rio Itú, Arirarrá among others. Very close to the main fishing spots, where the largest açu peacocks in the world have already been caught.


  • PERSONAL FISHING LODGE has two types of rooms: three twin beds or one double bed, plus a twin bed. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, minibars, a three drawer cabinet, storage space for fishing rods, private bathrooms (with hot water), hairdryer and mirror.
  • Laundry service and many other amenities included.
  • PERSONAL FISHING LODGE provides an exclusively family atmosphere for your peace of mind and that of your whole family.


  • Regional high standard gastronomy
  • We offer three complete meals for you and your family, including breakfast at the PERSONAL FISHING LODGE, lunch during the fishing expedition, and dinner with dessert and snacks at PERSONAL FISHING LODGE. The regional cuisine is of the highest standards and is simply delicious.
  • The bar is continually stocked with whiskey, vodka, cachaça, wine, sake, campari, beer, soft drinks, juices, and mineral water.


  • Our marina has a 750 m2 concrete patio, a 600 m2 metal structure cover, BOAT LIFT system, a complete workshop and a 60 meter ramp with a winch ramp.
  • Our fleet consists of two types of bass boats. We currently have eighteen seventeen-foot NITRO (USA) vessels with one hundred horsepower and four-stroke Mercury engines.
  • Our fleet also consists of ten aluminum boats, platformed with Suzuki thirty horsepower engines and other equipment.


The first outpost is in our private area with a total size of 30 hectares located in the middle of the Aracá River, 200 km from our LODGE in Rio Negro, where we have access to many large lakes very close to the area, several central lakes as well as several large wells for fishing for leather fish. A large rustic wooden measuring 256m², with kitchen, dining room with large table, living room, bar, large loft with single beds for up to 12 people with 2 bathrooms.



  • The Amazonian fishing season starts in September and runs through March for scale fish and until April for leather fish.
  • The most abundant fish are Tucunaré açú, Tucunaré Paca Açu, Tucunaré Borboleta, Tucunaré Popoca, Aruanã, Corvina, Traíra, Cachara, Pirarara, and Piraíba.


  • Tools (including, but not limited to pliers, fish grips, and rulers)
  • First aid kit (including antihistamines)
  • Hammocks, chairs, umbrellas, and kits for lunch on the river are available.
  • Professional fishing guides (Our guides are highly trained and prepared. This service is carried out by excellent local guides with experience in the region and trained by JJ for your highly individualized experience.)
  • Photography service performed by BASS BOATS guides (The original images of the fishery will be made available to the client free of charge in high resolution) Without any preparation or edition.

* We can serve up to a maximum of 12 people per date.

For your safety:

  • An reserve complete aluminum boat vessel (to ensure that customers can continue to carry out the fishing smoothly)
  • A complete first aid kit (including antihistamines for allergies) is included in all packages, satisfying most medical needs.
  • Our guides are highly experienced and prepared, constantly updated to better serve our clients.
  • All BASS BOATS are monitored and tracked by the SPOT system with communication via text messages between the vessels and the lodge to establish even more confidence and security.
  • Long-range radio communication between the vessels and the lodge tower is in place for your confidence and security.
  • We are located at 600 meters from the Barcelos Hospital.
  • Travel insurance for all customers